Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What do I mean digital art? (Introduction)

Art making mostly is a very individual process of personal development. For traditional art this often means to offer the student various possibilities to try themselves out, like drawing, painting, sculpture ... until they specialize in one or more of these areas. For digital art this is not different, only the medium are not physical materials but technology. Still, creativity and a certain approach are the same in both areas, traditional and computational art making. Like this one of my intentions here is to present image, audio and video editing in the context of art creation.

Note you can take the entire course with free software! If you are a Mac user you certainly be able to convey the tutorial content to software Mac provides for free. Especially the awesome Mac video and audio editing software.

The first section will be about how to produce a video and how to share it I will lead you to write down your idea and sketch it. In addition I will show you how to plan your digital art projects. I will go on and present a tutorial on how to make a video in a video editing software and another tutorial that shows how you can set up a blog and share your work via the blog.

 In the next section you learn to produce a piece of music, which will be a beat and your voice over it. We also create an account at a sound sharing page and link from a blog post to this page, so your song can be shared with friends and other important people.

Further you will learn how to produce an animated GIF, which is one of the moving pictures you know so well from webpages.

I will also show you how to basically edit a photograph in a non-destructive way and by that you will learn about layers in the context of image editing software.

You may have heard of composition concerning images. You will create one and by that learn much about the masking technique.

To finish the course I present two tutorials where you can prove your new knowledge while making a little rotoscoped animation and present yourself more than once in the same image while applying in an advanced way what you have learned about layers and masks.

But you want to learn about digital painting? Go and look in the internet for "Ctrl Paint"
If you are more interested in traditional art making I can recommend you a different Udemy course by me:

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