Monday, April 21, 2014

How to go on?

First be proud! If you have made it until here you know already all what you need to go on your way as a digital artist. You are now certainly able to do further studies on the possibilities of the software we have spoken about here and to follow the various tutorials you will find spread over the web.

One very special course you will find here:

It is more advanced concerning the fact that you have to look for the right thing yourself and that you have to explore various software in depth without asking your teacher all the time ;) However it provides a lot of good information and guiding.

If you can afford to pay for a course I recommend a course by me which is about the Remix and Audacity:

Note that I do just earn about 20% of the price, because most gets Udemy and people mostly pay via coupons which reduce the price up to 90%. Look for coupons if you like!

That it is! what can I say more? Share your artwork and look for companions with similar interests who can support you on your way.

All the best for you!


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