Monday, April 28, 2014

Make an Animated GIF from a Movie Clip

What the hell is an animated GIF?

It is a sequence of images saved as just one image. Does that make sense?

I believe so when you think in terms of file formats. GIF is an image format, which means it is handled like an image when displayed, differently from video or audio.

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First what we need for an animated GIF are single images. The two following videos tell about a way to get them. We got them for free via free pages and software.

Note there are more possibilities than that, especially when you are able to buy more advanced software, but for now, this:

Download a Youtube video.

Do not forget to press the green word DOWNLOAD. I did forget it in the video.

Get single images with MPEG-Streamclip.
(In MPEG-Streamclip mark a sequence of about 4 seconds.)

Produce the Animated GIF with Gimp.

Share your GIF.

I hope this was fun!

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